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Taking Your Unique Experience of the Menopause to Provide the Best Approach.

All women should have access to individualised and up to date advice for the Perimenopause and the Menopause, but this is not always the case.

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Dr Trish Davis - Private Menopause Treatment

Dr. Trish Davis provides patient centred care with menopause at the heart of the discussion.

At the Rebalance Your Life clinic we aim to support and guide women individually, with particular reference to the role of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in line with guidance from the British Menopause Society as well as discussion of diet modification and lifestyle advice.

In addition, men can have testosterone management in accordance with guidance from the British Society for Sexual Medicine.

Dr. Davis is a member of and holds the Certificate in Menopause Care from the British Menopause Society.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

As recommended by the British Menopause Society we use regulated Body Identical hormone therapy which is the safest kind of HRT.

Non-regulated Bioidentical HRT otherwise called Compounded Bio-HRT, uses synthetic manufactured hormones that are precise duplicates of hormones.

There is absence of medical evidence to support the way that these are used. For example, the dose of bioidentical progesterone used has not been proven to be sufficient to protect the endometrium in the presence of estrogen against cancer.

The same regulatory pathway of evaluation of the MHRA are not followed by manufacturers of bioidentical hormones. And so, the safety of these medications is simply unknown. Further data from large studies is required and this will be available we hope in the near future. However Dr Davis has completed training in bioidentical hormone therapy also and is able to advise if this might be the right type of HRT for you.

Expert Advice

The decision whether to take HRT together with the dose and duration is made on an individualised basis after discussing the benefits and risks with each patient.

perimenopause treatment - hormone therapy

We can advise women who are experiencing

  • Premature menopause (40-45y)
  • Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (Under age 40y)
  • Surgical menopause
  • Peri-menopause
  • Symptoms that persist
  • Ongoing symptom management whilst taking HRT

We provide HRT guidance to those who may have

  • Migraine
  • A family history or personal history of breast cancer
  • A history of blood clots
  • Cardiovascular medical problems
  • Osteoporosis
Improving Wellbeing

By correcting hormonal imbalance caused by menopause you can have

  • reduced blood pressure and reduced incidence of heart disease

  • ‘good cholesterol’ balance correction, reducing the ‘bad’ LDL type

  • prevention of fat in the organs reducing cardiovascular risk

  • improved sensitivity to insulin and reduced incidence of diabetes

  • immune system response improvement

  • improved skin, hair and muscles

  • improved mood, brain function and health

  • improved pain management

  • reduced loss of bone in spine and hip, increased bone mineral density (BMD)


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To book a consultation, please complete the website booking request form or call between 9 and 5pm Monday to Friday.

We can organise a prescription to be sent to you or it can be requested from your GP. If you require blood tests, they can be taken close to home.