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Lase Cosmetic

Second Floor, The Jesmond, Lyndhurst Avenue, Newcastle, NE2 3HH

Access to visit the clinic is very easy as we are located next to West Jesmond Metro and there is ample local parking which means patients are willing to travel from all over the country to access our high standards.

To Book an Appointment Call

0770 704 8488

or use the online booking form

Booking Form

Consultations can be in person or online.

To book a menopause or peri menopause consultation, please complete the website booking request form or call between 9 and 5pm Monday to Friday. If you are unsure whether this service is right for you then a free discovery call can be arranged. Please request via the booking form.

We can organise a prescription to be sent to you or it can be requested from your GP. If you require blood tests, they can be taken close to home.