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Approaching you holistically with menopause at the heart of the discussion.

From the initial consultation to treatment we are with you every step of the way.


Get in touch

Book an initial consultation either by telephone 0770 704 8488 or through the booking request form.

This consultation can take place virtually over a secure online platform, or you can attend the Jesmond clinic in person.



We will take a full medical history and explore any concerns and experiences to date so that we can start to think about what your management options are.


Management Planning

We will decide on whether any tests are appropriate and what steps need to be taken to improve symptoms that may include lifestyle adaptations or support.

If a prescription is appropriate then this can be organised for you to take to your GP or local pharmacy or this can be delivered to you through an online pharmacy.

A summary leaflet with some general tips and advice will be sent to you after the appointment or given to you in clinic.

Please be aware that currently in the UK, shortages of some HRT medicines mean that there can be a delay in delivery occasionally. Alternative options are prescribed when this happens that will have the same therapeutic outcome.

After your appointment you will receive a summary of the consultation and a management plan. This can also be sent to your GP with your permission.


Review Appointment

A review appointment will be organised 3 months after the initial consultation.

If you required blood tests at the initial consultation that may affect our decision making or prescription, it may be necessary to have a review sooner than 3 months. If this is necessary it will be explained during the planning stage.

At the follow up appointment we can assess how you are getting on with any treatment that has been started. If further tests are necessary then this will be explained and planned with you.

A summary of the discussion will be sent to you.


Ongoing Review

This is something that you can engage with as long as you wish. We recommend a review at 3 months post initial HRT prescription and then annually.

Ideally if you are taking testosterone then blood levels should be monitored before this is started and then 6 monthly.

After your appointment.


If you have been prescribed HRT, please be aware that unscheduled bleeding can occur in the first 3-6 months of use but that it should settle. After that time this may require investigation. Please advise us at your 12 week review if you are having unexpected bleeding and this can be evaluated with you.

There can occasionally be initial side effects of HRT. These include

  • breast tenderness,
  • bloating,
  • low mood.

These symptoms should settle but can be discussed if present, at your 3 month review appointment.


The need for testosterone will be assessed only once HRT is established and symptoms indicate possible low levels. In this case a blood test will be taken to check testosterone levels. If testosterone is prescribed you will need a 3-6 monthly blood test to check that the dose is correct.

All patients need to have an annual review of an ongoing HRT prescription to make sure that they are on the correct treatment.


To Book an Appointment Call

0770 704 8488

Booking Request

Consultations can be in person or online.

To book a consultation, please complete the website booking request form or call between 9 and 5pm Monday to Friday.

We can organise a prescription to be sent to you or it can be requested from your GP. If you require blood tests, they can be taken close to home.