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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a consultation?

To book a consultation, please complete the website booking request form or call on the phone number provided between 9 and 5pm Monday to Friday. To book a follow up consultation, please follow instructions as above. Please ensure that you make this in advance as appointment availability will not be guaranteed.

Can I have a telephone or video consultation?

We offer telephone and video consultations as well as face to face appointments at the clinic in Jesmond. Telephone and video consultations are charged at the same price as face-to-face consultations. You may be asked for photographic ID.

We are unable to offer telephone or video consultations to patients living or visiting overseas due to insurance restrictions. All our overseas patients must be seen either in the clinic or via a video or phone consultation whilst in the UK at the time of the appointment.

The appointment length is up to 45 minutes initially and up to 30 minutes for review appointments. A shorter 10-15 minute telephone appointment can also be made.

Do I need a referral letter from my GP?

You do not need a GP or another doctor’s referral letter to be seen in our clinic. You will be asked to complete a pre consultation health questionnaire sent by email and this needs to be returned to us in advance.

If this is not possible please attend 15 minutes early to complete on the day. If you prefer not to complete it for whatever reason then this can be managed during the consultation.

Do you prescribe bioidentical HRT?

We do not prescribe Bioidentical HRT. This is a ‘non NHS’ kind of HRT that uses a synthetic ‘chemically identical formula’ to human hormones, made in private laboratories.

We believe in the British Menopause Society stance on HRT, that ‘Body Identical HRT’ is safer than ‘Bioidentical HRT’.

Can I have a Mirena coil inserted in the clinic / implant?

If this is needed then the practicalities of this will be discussed -including the option of fitting in the clinic if available. Alternatively we may refer you to another service for this to be done or your GP.

Do you prescribe testosterone?

Yes, if it’s appropriate, we prescribe testosterone on a private prescription.

What happens after the appointment?

After your consultation you will be provided with a document with some advice / reading / tips. This will be updated as time goes on but reflects evidence based advice at the time and some supportive recommended organisations / books / products etc.

How do I contact the clinic with any queries I have following my appointment?

Please use the phone number or email as above.

If you would like to speak to one of our clinicians in between your scheduled appointments for some clinical advice, then please call us or email and our team can book you a 15 minute advice phone call (£115).

The occasional brief email query will be answered free of charge. More than an occasional query will lead to a charged consultation so that we can efficiently address any concerns and ensure your well-being.

How do I receive the results of any blood tests I have?

Bloods are not taken on the premises at the moment but through a company called Medicheck. The lab will send you instructions for having the test done locally to your home or you may have be able to have a home finger prick test. Once you have been invoiced by us for your tests then you will be able to proceed with a centre visit or a kit will be sent to your home. As soon as your results are available, they will be reviewed and commented on. You will then receive an email with your results / comments / treatment plan / prescription.

What is checked in the blood tests and other investigations?

We may recommend a blood test to assess hormone levels or to simply check for good health. This will depend on what happens in your consultation. Blood tests are also sometimes recommended as part of a well woman check or to assess other systems, for example thyroid function tests. It is not usually necessary to do a blood test to diagnose the menopause.

We cannot access your NHS doctor’s lab system.

Recommended investigations for some women, such as a bone mineral density scan, mammogram or pelvic ultrasound scans can be arranged if if needed.

Blood Tests

Profile 1 -Advanced Well Woman
Blood count, Liver, Kidneys, Urate, Cholesterol, Iron, Diabetes, Thyroid, FSH, LH, Estradiol, SHBG, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D, Magnesium

Profile 2
Female Hormone (SHBG, Thyroid, Testosterone, FHS, LH, Estradiol, FAI, PRL)

Profile 3

Profile 4
Estradiol, SHBG, Testosterone

Profile 5

Profile 6
SHBG Testosterone

Profile 7

Profile 8

Profile 9
Testosterone, Estradiol

Profile 10
PCOS- FHS, LH, Testosterone, SHBG

Prices may change and this can happen at any time. Please refer to our Pricing.

How much will the HRT medication cost?

If deemed appropriate, a prescription for HRT will be issued privately at a cost of £35 and this can either be issued by our remote pharmacy (who will contact you to take payment for the medication and organise delivery) or it can be taken to any local pharmacy. We don’t stock any items. It is your choice how you do this. Some women decide to ask their GP to issue the prescription, and the decision to do so is up to the individual GP.

£35 will be charged for each prescription, regardless of the number of items on the prescription.

What is the review process?

Please ensure that you have made your follow-up appointment three months after the initial appointment and we will advise when to have any further follow-ups. To obtain a prescription from us you will need to be seen annually.

If you have not been seen by us for over 2 years a new INITIAL consultation will be needed.

What correspondence will I receive from the clinic after my appointment?

The clinician will email you a summary, outlining what was said during the consultation, usually within 7-10 days. Your GP can also be sent a copy of this letter if you would like this, or you may have said you prefer for your GP not to be contacted.

Will my medical insurance cover the cost of my consultation?

Please check with your insurance provider before attending our Clinic if you think you may be eligible.

Attending in person?

There are both free and metered free parking spaces outside the clinic and West Jesmond Metro station is opposite which provides easy access to Newcastle city centre, rail and air links.

Does the centre have wheelchair access?

The clinic is easily accessed by wheelchair users. Please let us know in advance if you have any special requirements and we will provide assistance as required.



Please find below a list of resources that we think that you may find useful.

Website Links

Menopause Matters

Manage my Menopause

The British Menopause Society

Womens Health Concern

Bladder Matters

Sexual Advice Association

FPA Sexual Health

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Pelvic Pain

Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Calcium Intake calculator

Recommended Books

Mating in Captivity

Esther Perel

Intimacy & Desire

David Schnarch

Enhancing Couple Sexuality

B McCarthy

Mind the Gap

Karen Gurney


May be helpful for genito-urinary symptoms.

These hold moisture on the vaginal wall, use 2-3 times per week.

  • Replens
  • Regelle
  • Hyalofemme


Check the label as some contain petroleum and this can damage condoms and cause infections.

  • Sylk
  • Yes
  • Astroglide
  • Durex Play
  • Pjur

Chronic diseases occur about ten years after menopause onset - HRT protects against Cardiovascular illness, Osteoporosis and Alzheimers Dementia.

Menopause Practice StandardsBritish Menopause Society

To Book an Appointment Call

0770 704 8488

Booking Request

Consultations can be in person or online.

To book a consultation, please complete the website booking request form or call between 9 and 5pm Monday to Friday.

We can organise a prescription to be sent to you or it can be requested from your GP. If you require blood tests, they can be taken close to home.